Apple News+ PM Position

I have been a diehard Apple fan ever since I bought my first black macbook back in 2006, and I was very excited when I saw the Product Manager, Apple News and News+ position. I'm confident that my 10+ years of experience as a product manager, and specifically the three years I spent designing and launching TrustFrank, a natural language processing trusted news app, and Livepost, a live blogging app for journalists, make me an ideal candidate to fulfill this position.

In those 10 years working as a product manager, I have done everything from wireframing and UX/UI design for B2C and B2B apps, to managing 10 Sr and Jr developers, drawing up product requirements, quantitative analysis and managing product roadmaps. During my time at TrustFrank and LivePost, apart from my PM responsibilities, I was able to close the biggest online newspaper in Mexico and at one point had over 600,000 unique viewers consuming content created with our app.

I strongly believe that my experience of not only being a PM in the media industry, but also handling sales and marketing duties, give me a strong understanding of the media landscape, and the needs on both sides of the news market that will help me provide a lot value to the Apple News team and Apple News users.