Ads in Podcasts

A Premium Ad Product for Artists and Brands

Add a new podcast option in Ad Studio so a podcaster can read the ad.

The most powerful ads around today are podcaster voiced ads. Ads read by the actual podcast host you're listening to. They have crazy conversion rates of around 30% according to eMarketer. So what can Spotify bring to the table?

Spotify can make this premium ad product available to artists and brands. Podcasters could pick the Ad they want to read and mention the episodes they would plan on plugging the ad in. Advertisers would then approve the podcaster's application.


Prices can range from a $18 to $50 CPM, and the highest performing shows can cost more (numbers taken from MidRoll.)


See UI Design Ideas

Ad Studio adds a podcast option in the Budget and Targeting section of the "Create your ad" process.

Creator Studio adds a whole section on revenue with two new options:

  • Available Ads

    • Apply to read an Ad.

  • Manage Ads

    • Offer proof of ad plug.

    • See how many ads you have left to plug.

    • etc.